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Weed Control Measures

The Zion Park District will be conducting weed control measures while the playgrounds remain closed. Playgrounds and turf areas within the Zion Park District will be treated. The application areas are marked with white flags and are safe to enter once the product has dried.

In addition, a single broadleaf weed application will be applied at several park sites. These sites include the Leisure Center, Sportsman Park, David Park, Hermon Park, Salem Boulevard, Bethesda Boulevard, Shiloh Boulevard, and Bethel Boulevard. The application will be completed June 15 through June 30, 2020, depending on weather.

The fertilizer applications, spot spraying, and broadleaf weed control are completed by state-licensed Zion Park District staff. All applications are dependent on staff availability and weather. For further information regarding pesticide and fertilizer applications please contact Superintendent of Parks, Todd Peck, 847-746-5500 Ext 1421.

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